VALVOLINE/CUMMINS BRAND Premium Blue Extreme 8600 engine oil 15W40 20L. Part No 1324.20

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Protect your heavy-duty diesel engine with the VALVOLINE/CUMMINS Premium Blue Extreme 8600 15W40 engine oil. This premium-quality lubricant is specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern diesel engines, providing exceptional wear protection and extended drain intervals.

Designed for severe service applications, the Premium Blue Extreme 8600 engine oil delivers outstanding performance in high-temperature, high-load conditions. Its advanced additive package ensures superior oxidation resistance, minimizing sludge and deposit formation, while its robust detergent and dispersant properties keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

With its 20-liter capacity, this pack offers convenient and economical coverage for your maintenance needs. Trust the VALVOLINE/CUMMINS brand for reliable protection and optimal engine performance. Order now and experience the difference of Premium Blue Extreme 8600 engine oil!

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Supplier SKU1324.20
Flat Rate40
Add Flat Rate30
Number of Package1
Package Depth1
Package Width1
Package Length1
exclusionsAftertreatment Mid SAP Oil suitable for SCR, EGR and DPF exhaust systems L/ash catalyst compatible engine oil formulated to help protect the latest aftertreatment ,DPF & SCR systems fitted on the latest low emission vehicles.• Improved wear protection to
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